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A top-notch marina in the heart of a historic town

Naturally sheltered from the weather, this urban port offers visitors a full range of comforts and services. Boats enter the marina through the locks (1.5 hours before high tide, during high tide, and 1 hour after high tide). Morlaix marina’s 200 pontoon and quayside berths welcome vessels with a maximum draught of 3m.

A sheltered port

Protected from the weather by the surrounding hills and its location at the end of the estuary, the Port of Morlaix has 200 berths on pontoons and along the quay, and offers all the services of a modern-day, technical port. Ships with a draught of up to 3m can enter the port.

A port of locks

As there are no signal lights along the river, the Port of Morlaix is not accessible by night. A port agent stationed at the locks welcomes visitors and shows them where to moor. A team of experienced professionals is available to advise and assist you.

A picturesque port

Follow the winding Morlaix River into the port, where you’ll discover the charm of this historic Breton town with its viaduct, tall stone houses and magnificent 18th-century tobacco factory, now home to SEW, a new arts centre.

Up-to-date quayside and onshore services

Located in the heart of town, the Port of Morlaix offers visitors a full range of public and business services, including port services, a post office, banks, shops, bars and restaurants. Several nautical businesses are located nearby.

  • 16A electricity and drinking water supply (quarter-turn taps) on all pontoons
  • 32A electricity supply near the locks and in the fairing area
  • Diesel pump on the service pontoon
  • Cradles available upon request; port staff are available to assist you in launching your boat or removing it from the water
  • 5 showers and 4 WCs, all accessible, located near the port office
  • Free unattended parking
  • Free Wi-Fi

Please note: at this marina, only the sanitary facilities are accessible

Technical services for your boat

The Port of Morlaix is a traditional overwintering spot with all the necessary equipment:

  • Hoisting by the local shipyard with a 70 tonne crane
  • Cradles available for dry-docking
  • 350m² year-round fairing area
  • Electricity and water supply points
  • The constant water level at this tideless port makes it easy to carry out quayside work on boats
Recycling and rubbish collection

Maintaining good water quality is everyone’s business:

  • Fairing area runoff is recovered and treated in a lamellar decanter
  • The fairing area has a recycling point for batteries, oil, oil filters, rags and paint waste materials
  • Recreational boaters are free to use marina sanitary facilities
  • Grey, black and bilge waters are emptied into separate tanks on the service pontoon
  • There are three bins near the port office for glass, other recyclables and rubbish
Passeport Escales

The Port of Morlaix is a member of the Passeport Escales network.
The idea is simple: the port encourages you to explore by offering you stays in participating ports like Roscoff and Aber Wrac’h. In exchange, you notify the port of your absence and free your berth for another user. Passeport Escales allows you to get the most out of your trip and enjoy special offers from maritime and tourist businesses.
Learn more at the port office, or visit: https://www.passeportescales.com/en/


Safety guidelines:

Respect the channel. We recommend staying tuned to channel 9 on your VHF radio.


Recreational boaters must follow the instructions given by the port office.
Refusal to comply with these instructions is punishable by law according to Articles L.5334-5 and L.5337-5 of the French Transport Code.

Downloadable documents:

Police and usage regulations
2023 Lock schedule

History of the port

Morlaix was founded in the 10th century at the site of a Roman crossroads near a coastal river ford and achieved maritime importance in the 13th century. Located in the sheltered head of the estuary, the town’s port became an active commercial centre.

Products from the Léon and Trégor areas—linen, milled paper, wheat, butter, bacon, leather, horses, fish and cider— were traded alongside citrus fruit, spices, wine, salt and other exotic goods. Some merchants and privateers made a fortune from this trade.

The English, attracted by these riches, carried out a memorable raid in 1522. Following this, the people of Morlaix decided to build Château du Taureau to protect their town. When the linen trade began to decline after 1680, commercial raiding by privateers began to flourish once again.

The place where the two rivers meet at the port was covered over in 1728 to create a large paved area. Improvements to the port continued in the 18th century with the creation of the tobacco factory, which aimed to regenerate the town’s economic activity. Quays were built to strengthen the riverbanks and provide moorings for ships brought in along the towpaths.

The locks added in 1856 allowed boats to remain in the water while being loaded and unloaded.

The viaduct was built close to the shoreline in 1862. At the end of the 19th century, part of the harbour basin was covered over to build Place Cornic, a process that was repeated in 1962 with the creation of Place Charles de Gaulle.

Open to recreational boaters since 1978, the Port of Morlaix brought new life to the heart of the town.

Port of Morlaix

By the sea

Entrance via the locks 

Three locks: at high tide; 1.5 hours before high tide; and 1 hour after high tide.

Hours of locks

Holding anchorage

  • Carantec (Pointe de Pen al Lan): anchorage
  • Locquénolé: grounding
  • Le Dourduff: grounding

Our services

Accessible 7j/7

7 days a week



Eau potable

Drinking water

Sanitaires accessibles PMR

Accessible sanitary

5 douches et 4 WC accessible PMR

5 accessible showers
and 4 accessible WCs



Parking gratuit non gardienne

Free unattended
parking lot

WI-FI gratuit


Location de vélos

Bike rentals

Tri sélectif des déchets




Tourist information

Tourist information


Hours of operation
Port office

Lundi 8:00am – 12:00pm
2:00pm – 6:00pm
Mardi 8:00am – 12:00pm
2:00pm – 6:00pm
Mercredi 8:00am – 12:00pm
2:00pm – 6:00pm
Jeudi 8:00am – 12:00pm
2:00pm – 6:00pm
Vendredi 8:00am – 12:00pm
2:00pm – 6:00pm
Port of Morlaix
Port of Morlaix

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Port of Morlaix

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